Spond Signup Guide – Child

Please complete the online sign-up form here.

If you are a guardian signup up a child so that they can join Brixton BMX Club or attend our training sessions please select ‘I am signing up a child’:

Next please select the appropriate member type:

For Brixton BMX Club members or those wishing to join the club please select one of the Brixton member types. For most club members the correct type will be ‘Brixton Under 16’.

  • Brixton Under 16
  • Brixton Student / Unemployed 16-19
  • Brixton Adult

For members of sister clubs Peckham and Merton who wish to join Brixton training sessions, please select the appropriate club from the list. We do not distinguish between child and adult members of sister clubs.

  • Sister Club – Merton
  • Sister Club – Peckham

Riders who wish to join a training session but are not yet ready to join the club please select ‘Non member’.

Once you have selected the member type another drop down will appear allowing you to select the group you would like to join. For riders wishing to join our training sessions please select the appropriate group:

  • Riders – Brixton BMX Club Novices
  • Riders – Brixton BMX Club Intermediates
  • Riders – Brixton BMX Club Experts
  • Riders – Brixton BMX Club Wingz
  • Riders – Brixton BMX Club Women and Girls

There is also an ‘Admin – Volunteers’ group but this will not normally be relevant for child members.

It doesn’t matter if you get the group selection wrong we can fix it up when approving the membership, but if the child already attends Brixton training sessions it will help us if you indicate the appropriate group for the session they attend.

Now select ‘Next’ to go to the next tab ‘Member information’. Here you will need to fill out personal details for the child including name, date of birth and address. We do not normally need a child’s phone number or email address if they have one as the guardian will be the primary contact.

If your child has a disability or medical condition you will be able to add these details later in the app. Please acknowledge by ticking the checkbox that you understand this and will add any relevant information as soon as you are able to (note this will be after the membership has been approved).

Once this tab is complete, click ‘Next’ to go to the contact details tab. Here you will provide contact information for yourself. Note that the person whose details are added on this page will be the primary contact for any payments requested by or made to the club through the Spond App. You may also add an additional guardian or optionally child contact information on this tab. Note that the email addresses and phone numbers you add here must match those used when you created an account in the Spond App. If they do not you will not be able to see the Brixton BMX Club Spond group your child will be added to.

Click next to go to the summary tab which can review the information you have entered. You can add comments here which will be visible to the club when they review the membership request. Please do not add any sensitive data here such as medical conditions or disabilities – that information should be added later in the app.

You will also be asked to consent to the clubs terms and conditions and photography usage policy.

Final click ‘Submit form’ and the club will receive your request to join. Once the request has been approved by the club you should see the appropriate club group(s) appear in the Spond App.