About us

Brixton BMX Club is 40 years old!!!

We are a friendly community of riders, supporters and enthusiasts with a shared passion for BMX racing. Our track is Brockwell Park BMX track in London and is open every day. The club has exclusive use of the track from 9am – 1pm on weekends but otherwise it is open and free to ride.  Drop by a training session in the morning on weekends, chat to us on social media or send us an email.

Crowdfunder Success!

We did it! We cycled the length of the country on our BMX track. See our story on Crowdfunder. Brixton BMX Club raised funds to upgrade the BMX facility in Brockwell park so we can continue to expand the work we do in the community, helping young people through sport. The grass roots and volunteer led BMX club brings people together and has been helping underserved communities for 40 years.

The club has engaged and nurtured local children from across the community and helped guide them to stardom.   Club founder Ken and Brixton BMX have been the gateway for several of the sport’s most famous riders including Charlie Reynolds and CK Flash in the 1980s and Quillan Isidore and Tre and Kye Whyte, Britain’s Olympic silver medallist.    The club is working to protect the BMX facility in Brockwell park and develop it for the next generation of young riders.  Your generosity will help more children discover BMX.

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Brixton BMX Club was established by Ken Floyde in 1981 following the Brixton uprising. After seeing a BMX demo race at the Earls Court Motorcycle show, Ken had the vision to start a club which aimed to support young people in Brixton through sport. Over the last 40 years, Ken has been influential to several of the UK’s most successful racers including Charlie Reynolds and CK Flash in the 1980s and the Whyte and Isidore brothers who race with team GB today. BMX became an organised sport governed by British Cycling in the early 1980s. Today there are over 100 affiliated BMX clubs in the UK alone while BMX racing has been an Olympic sport since 2008. In 2021 Kye Whyte won an Olympic silver medal. Kye started riding in Brockwell Park with Brixton BMX when he was 3 years old.

Some of our riders compete in competitions all across the UK.

Newcomers of all age ranges and abilities are always welcome to come along to our coaching sessions.

Become a sponsor

The club is raising funds to upgrade the BMX facility in Brockwell park with fencing, water, electricity, improved drainage, resurfacing and more storage. We are also aiming to add more bikes and helmets.

We are asking for your support. Are you looking for a good grass roots community group to support or sponsor? Are you able to make a donation? Do you know of an individual or organisation which might be able to help?  Please contact us brixtonbmxclub@hotmail.com

Training sessions

We run club sessions in Brockwell Park in South London on weekends, see the Coaching & Racing page.  We are a volunteer-led organisation and welcome new riders and volunteers to join our community at the BMX club.

Club kit

Our all new kit will be available in the new year. Watch this space!

We recommend buying BMX jerseys a size bigger to allow for body armour and pads to be worn comfortably underneath.

Coaching & Racing

Our coaches are British Cycling (BC) qualified and help riders of all ages and skill levels. Not all of our riders race, many are still learning the skills required. 

News about extra sessions we hold in holidays and other breaking news can be found on our facebook page

Beginners are always welcome.

There are three sessions every Saturday and Sunday:

•    9:00 – 10:00am – Novices

•    10:00 – 11:30am – Intermediates

•    11:30 – 1:00pm – Experts

Each group will be run by one trained and qualified British Cycling coach. Riders should arrive 10-15 minutes before each session.

Pre Booking is required. We are using RiderHQ to manage bookings. When available, the link for Rider HQ is posted on our facebook page and shared with members in the club’s email newsletters.

Through lockdown and the pandemic Brixton BMX club has welcomed many new riders. This spike in interest has seen many riders attending their first club training sessions and also signing up for club membership. A warm welcome to everyone, we are happy that you are getting involved in this great club.

If you are making payment for sessions or membership:
Online payment is preferred.  Please enter the riders name in the reference field.
AC#: 23041768  SC: 30 92 89. 
We also use a card reader to pay on the day.
Cash accepted if required.

Interactions between groups at the track should be minimised as much as possible during the pandemic. Once finished, riders are advised to leave the track to limit the numbers of people on site.

Any riders with pre-existing medical conditions such hay fever or asthma, which are not connected to COVID -19 or the isolation period, should let us know when they secure a place in the coaching sessions. 

Club bikes
Brixton BMX club is a community club and it serves to support children, including those without bikes, to ride and race BMX. The club can lend out bikes however, those that can access bikes and equipment are encouraged to use their own. This helps the club to provide targeted support where it most needed.

Limited club bikes are handed out by club representatives wearing gloves and wiped down with anti-viral wipes after sessions to minimise the risk of virus transmission. Riders should preferably bring their own gloves, pads and full-face helmets. These can be purchased online or from local bicycle shops. The club can lend out limited safety gear too if required.

Cost per session:  

  • £7 for non-members
  • £5 for members
  • Riders must wear:
  • Full length trousers
  • Long sleeve tops
  • Gloves
  • Full face helmet
  • Also recommended: Knee & shin, elbow pads or body armour

Code of Conduct

All riders and parents follow our code of conduct:

Annual club membership:

  • £22 for under 16’s 
  • £27 for 16+ (employed adults)
  • £25 students or unemployed 16+

Membership form can be dowloaded from this link, or ask Ken or one of the coaches at any track session.

Brixton BMX club works with a number of British Cycling qualified coaches to give riders a broad range of coaching input, helping them to improve their riding.  The club has a women’s only session which takes place with Coach Silvi. The club also has a Wingz section.  Wingz is a disability-inclusive cycling project for children with SEND.

Racing at the Brockwell Park BMX track

We occasionally hold race events at our Brockwell Park BMX track. These have included hosting the BMX event for The London Youth Games, the London Series BMX races and our own club races, which are aimed at those new to racing.

More information and dates of the different race series that we participate in as a club:

Race calendar links

London Series race calendar  

South regional race calendar  2019 

National BMX events 

Safety & rules

BMX racing is an exciting and extreme sport, but it can be dangerous so you need to follow the safety rules.

  • Replace any worn or broken equipment on your bike before riding.
  • Always wear your safety equipment while riding the race track.
  • Be aware of other riders around you on the track.
  • Always ride the correct way round the track.
  • Take your time and do not attempt difficult jumps until you feel ready.
  • Leave your riding area clean and tidy.

Like all sports, practice and training to become a competent rider takes time. Our club can give you all the training, advice and encouragement you need to get you started.


The National governing body for BMX racing in the UK is British Cycling. They host the BCBMX National Series at various tracks around the country and also the annual British BMX Championships. BMX racing in the UK is a family sport that is open to all ages (The National BMX Series has 28 age-group categories!).

BMX races are held on an off-road track, typically around 300-400 metres in length, with a maximum of 8 riders in a race. The start gate is usually on a slope descending into a series of jumps and banked turns (Berms). Races (Motos) last for one lap, first across the line wins!

Most areas of the country hold Regional races, where a rider can enter as a beginner in a Novice class and work his or her way up to Expert when they feel they have gained enough experience. Clubs also run Local races with the same structure. A  big plus for those new to the sport in the Novice classes, is getting the opportunity to win a trophy at every race!

Always take things slowly at first, walk the track without your bike to get a close look at the layout of the jumps and berms. Watch how the experienced riders take the jumps, berms and lines around the track. Use club practice/training and track sessions to gain knowledge of the track and give you more confidence.

The start is the most important part of a BMX race and you need to practice the gate sequence and timing. If you get a bad start you will find it harder, and have to fight your way up through the pack. Most top rider’s work on their starts more than any other aspect of racing.

Remember that there is a gradual progression when starting BMX racing, and getting too No.1 is not going to happen overnight.

Getting started

For all newcomers to the sport. Here’s some (hopefully) useful links and tips. If you have further questions we’ll be happy to answer them; drop by to training session, chat to us on social media or drop us an email.

We have a limited number of club bikes and protective gear available, so even if you don’t have appropriate bike, full face helmet or protective gear, we can probably sort you out.

Race Guide

The latest edition of USA BMX’s New Rider Manual; provides step-by-step instructions for new BMX riders, teaching them everything they need to know on how to start racing BMX.

BMX racing bike size chart

BMX racing size chart

Club Kit

Our all new kit will be available in the new year. Watch this space!

We recommend buying BMX jerseys a size bigger to allow for body armour and pads to be worn comfortably underneath.