About us

We are a friendly community of riders, supporters and enthusiasts with a shared passion for BMX racing.

Brixton BMX Club was established by Ken Floyde in 1981 following the Brixton uprising. After seeing a BMX demo race at the Earls Court Motorcycle show, Ken had the vision to start a club which aimed to support young people in Brixton through sport. Over the last 40 years, Ken has been influential to several of the UK’s most successful racers including Charlie Reynolds and CK Flash in the 1980s and the Whyte and Isidore brothers who race with team GB today. BMX became an organised sport governed by British Cycling in the early 1980s. Today there are over 100 affiliated BMX clubs in the UK alone while BMX racing has been an Olympic sport since 2008. In 2021 Kye Whyte won an Olympic silver medal. Kye started riding in Brockwell Park with Brixton BMX when he was 3 years old.

Our track is Brockwell Park BMX track in London and is open every day.

The club has exclusive use of the track from 9am – 1pm on weekends but otherwise it is open and free to ride.  Newcomers of all age ranges and abilities are always welcome to come along to our coaching sessions. Some of our riders compete in competitions all across the UK.

Drop by a training session in the morning on weekends, chat to us on social media or send us an email. We are a volunteer-led organisation and welcome new riders and volunteers to join our community at the BMX club.

Crowdfunder Success!

We did it! We cycled the length of the country on our BMX track.

See our story on Crowdfunder. Brixton BMX Club raised funds to upgrade the BMX facility in Brockwell park so we can continue to expand the work we do in the community, helping young people through sport. The grass roots and volunteer led BMX club brings people together and has been helping underserved communities for 40 years.

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The club is raising funds to upgrade the BMX facility in Brockwell park with fencing, water, electricity, improved drainage, resurfacing and more storage. We are also aiming to add more bikes and helmets.

The club has engaged and nurtured local children from across the community and helped guide them to stardom.  The club is working to protect the BMX facility in Brockwell park and develop it for the next generation of young riders.  Your generosity will help more children discover BMX.

We are asking for your support. Are you looking for a good grass roots community group to support or sponsor? Are you able to make a donation? Do you know of an individual or organisation which might be able to help?  Please contact us brixtonbmxclub@hotmail.com